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Aerial Photography

drone services

High resolution photos are in perpetual peak demand. Businesses want to showcase their properties, products and services as crisply as possible, and end users want to view crystal clear images.

Drones offer that unique perspective to not only showcase the subject in a fun way, but also to captivate a user with a great first visual impression.

Final output can be in any resolution or aspect ratio you choose, or with a maximum file size in mind.

Photo Addons

Take those beautiful aerial photos to the next level with graphical overlays containing extra details.

Get accurate lot lines and landmarks added for a powerful marketing photo to add to your listing.

Aerial Videography

drone services

I am an FAA-licensed drone pilot and I pride myself in taking hyper smooth, cinematic footage. My skills on the joysticks produce beautiful footage both outdoors AND indoors!

The sky is the limit in terms of applications for drone video. Use the raw footage in your own projects or let me take it and craft the video for you! Learn more about my content creation services here.

Featured Videos

Social Media Content

Shorts/Reels | Widescreen Videos

I can help with any or all of the steps below:


Let's create an idea for the story you're trying to tell or the product you're trying to sell. I love colloborating with clients to come up with a vision for the content they are trying to make.


  • DSLR camera for high resolution photos and tripod video

  • Drone for high resolution photos and video

  • Microphones available for high quality audio recordings


I create a wide variety of projects, from static posts and advertisements to promotional videos and video bumpers.

This is where we take the idea or vision, all the footage/assets, any sort of sound design or music, and we put it all together to produce the final end product.

Motion Graphics

These are one of the best tools to aid in communication with your audience. I can bring motion to a still photo, overlay information to share with the viewer, and much more!


Here are two still photos of an office complex


- Convey there are three lots available

- Indicate close proximity to landmarks

- Make a post with vertical orientation

Final Product Demo

Video Bumpers

These are generally less than 10 seconds and placed at the beginning or end of your content. It is a fantastic way to add an extra layer of memorability to your brand. They work great with or without sound design.

Responsive Web Design


It is important to develop websites that looks great and perform well across a broad spectrum of screen sizes. With careful attention to detail, I design for all screen sizes to give customers a wonderful user experience no matter how they find you online. The websites are responsive, so they automatically adapt to any screen size!

Starting Fresh

When we talk about creating a new website from the ground up, you have options. I can offer two choices for the build:

Coding from scratch

This offers the most control over the way every single pixel of content is displayed on your website. I create the HTML, CSS, and Javascript that makes your website function and display properly.

Using a framework

Frameworks are customizable templates offered through companies like Squarespace, GoDaddy, and Wix. Some are more pliable than others in terms of how much you can control the sizing and spacing of elements.

Refinements & Updates

Take a sad site and make it better

Let's face it, there are a great number of websites/online stores out there that need some attention. Many times, clients were able to cobble something together using a framework, but they really want and need someone to refine it. This is where I come in.

Let me deep dive your website or online store and come up with a game plan to improve what you already have.

Update your existing site

I am an experienced user of frameworks such as Squarespace and Shopify, so I am happy to make updates for you on sites like those. We can also look to inject new code into your existing website if you have files hosted somewhere.

Need someone to update your website or to add new products/categories to your online store? Learn more about my media management services here.

Client Websites

Masada Leather

Athens, GA

masada leather website

Orbit Real Estate Partners

Athens, GA

orbit website

Peking Restaurant

Athens, GA

peking website

Athens Dental Design

Athens, GA

dentist website

Graphic Design

Business Essentials

Get all of your designs and exported media in one place.

Product Mockups

See what your products will look like before you hit the order button.

Browse examples of these types of work below

Signs of All Kinds

Business Cards

Stickers & Decals


Social Media Services

Email Services

Connect with your customers with the CRM of your choice. These are frameworks such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact, but others like Squarespace also offer their own.

I am happy to help with any part of the process, from the start of your first email list, to the creation of the emails, to the bulk sending of your finished product.

Web Services

  • Amend current products

  • Add new products

  • Update or add new photos

  • Ensure SEO is complete

  • Amend shipping or taxes

  • Amend any part of your current website

  • Add new information about your company, including staff updates, changes to hours, or vital updates

  • Add or change photos